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Movements between Asia Minor and the Balkans

I have been in many conferences in my research life but I have never encountered such a well organised conference as the one that takes place in Romania annually for the past five years. It is called Le Livre. la Roumanie. L’ Europe but it invited panels across the spectrum of Humanities. Adrian Dumitru was kind to invite me for the second year to present a paper on the movement of coins from Asia Minor to The Balkans and vice versa. This time the conference took place in the resort city o... »

The tomb of St Philip

Italian archaeologists who have been digging at Pamukkale in northwestern Turkey announced that they found the grave of St Philip, one of Christ’s apostles. Responsible for the excavations is the Italian archaeologist Francesco d’ Adria. He explained that the tomb was found close to a church in ancient Hierapolis, where Philip died while he was preaching in Roman Asia Minor. The archaeologists have not yet opened the grave. Therefore we should just sit and wait until they present evi... »

Asia Minor Epigraphy

“Anatolian society: a joint conference, July 11-12, 2011 As previously announced, the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names and Monumenta Asia Minoris Antiqua projects are holding a joint conference in Oxford on July 11-12, 2011. Please note that the venue is now Wadham College. The theme on July 11 will be Naming in Anatolia and on July 12 Roman Phrygia. Details of speakers and topics follow below. Anyone interested is most welcome to attend, but we would ask those planning to do so to inform M... »