Ancient History Competition

Ancient History Competition 53

Which ancient philosopher died in the arms of his grandson? »

Ancient History Competition 53

Which 4th cent. BC tyrant had the same name as a philosopher of the same era? »

Ancient History Competition 52

This Spartan’s servant was heard saying that his master had many owls roosting in his roof. Then the master was charged with embezzlement. Who was the master? »

Ancient history competition 51

In ancient Athens there was a catchphrase for people who were missing: “He is either dead or teaching school”. What did it mean? »

Ancient history competition 50

In which ancient Greek city there were no roosters or noisy workshops for the sake of quiet? »

Ancient History Competition 49

Manolis came up today with a very exciting question. Give it a try! Sophocles, Aristotle, Euclid, Eratosthenes, Theognis, Aeschines. Besides being some of the most famous writers and scientists of antiquity, what did all these people have in common? »

Ancient History Competition 48

Which Byzantine emperor became a widower three times in a span of three and a half years? »

Ancient history competition 47

This byzantine emperor first had the Patriarch of Constantinople whipped, blinded and paraded on a donkey in the streets of the city. Then he just… restored him to his position! Who was this emperor? »

Ancient History Competition 46

Which Sicilian city used to bear the name of its 3rd cent. BC founder, who happened to be a tyrant? »

Ancient History Competition 45

What did Nicanor, Nero and Flamininus have in common? »

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