Nude on the Acropolis: Nelly’s

Nelly is probably one of the best known Greek photographers of the twentieth century. She is not only respected among her peers but she holds an almost iconic place in the hearts of modern Greeks. She was born in Asia Minor in 1899 but moved to Greece after the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1923. She completed her studies in Interwar Germany and started her career immediately afterwards in Greece. She played a significant role in the promotion of Greek culture in Europe and the States from the 1920s until her death in 1998. She is responsible for the creation of a series of nude photographs in ancient Greek setting, while she also took photos of archaeological monuments and rural landscapes that were meant to enhance the image of her country abroad. During this time her work became influenced by contemporary ideological movements and political ideas that, in some cases, are controversial. These influences are evident in the themes, the techniques and the aesthetic of her photographs. Nelly who created in the 1920s and 1930s some of the best known nudes in Inter-War Greece was probably aware of the photographic traditions in her own country as well as the rest of Europe.

I have submitted (I hope) the last draft of my article on Interwar Ideologies.

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