Rebranding modern Greek identity

The following video went around the world the past few days. I have seen also several very clever responses that I cannot compete. Parts of the younger Greek generation seem to identify with its ideas, while other parts find it misleading and pretentious.

As a historian I would like to state that, unlike Katerina, I do not believe that we have democracy in Greece. The traditional media is controlled by the elite and the government follows the dictates of the IMF and the European union. We have not been informed about the situation on time and we have not been asked to provide an independent solution. Furthermore, the ancient Greek Agora seems very far from the modern free market and modern Neo-Liberalism. Economists across the world would easily verify how different the ancient markets were from the modern ones. Comparable, yes. The same, no.

In any case, my views may be irrelevant because the video is a testimony to the reception of the classical tradition not necessarily in modern Greece but in the Greek communities abroad. The feeling of anger, though, remains the same. Watch it and let me know what you think.

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