New discovery of ancient temple?

How many times have you found yourself walking without noticing anything around you. It looks like it happened to me countless times. Last week, when I stopped and looked, I realised I may have been on top of an ancient (classical or Hellenistic?) temple. I will not disclose the exact area because the architectural elements I found have not been catalogued. Suffice to say it is on the eastern coast of Attica. I also could use some help from expert archaeologists to explain what I am looking at. On the whole, I found seven large pieces of stone and marble. The marble is either Pentelic or Parian (I could never tell the difference with a naked eye). I found small pieces of marble but no precious pottery. There were a few pieces of coarse ware here and there that I cannot possibly date. Take a look and let me know your opinion.







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  1. Hrm. Given the condition of the pieces, I can’t determine anything more than you said without being on the ground. You’ve definitely found *something*, and temple is a solid initial guess. Could also have been a high status home or, perhaps, a bath house. I’d call the nearest archaeology department so they can send somebody out and catalog it. It’s Attica, so you can’t go anywhere without hitting stuff.

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    Attention archaeologists & Classicists : Constantina needs some help identifying whether or not these are the ruins of an ancient temple on the eastern coast of Attica, Greece. If you have any information that could of use to her, please feel free to pass it on to her!

  3. these photos seem like an old cosway, road or some seem like drainage or for flowing water or even edges of a shlllow pool. ?

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