Ancient History Competition 9

Today’s quiz should not be too difficult, as I decided to drop one small hint. Manolis insists that the this level of questions is appropriate for the intelligent people who follow the blog. And I agree! I cannot believe all of the questions, so far, have been answered so succesfully. So…

Name a Hellenistic king whose father-in-law was a tyrant.

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  1. Pyrrhus!

    • Excellent answer! Would you like to give us also the name of the father-in-law?

  2. Well, it is the so called Rampin horseman, the torso belongs to the acropolis museum, the head is in the Louvre. I still find the hair style odd, as well as the gentle turn of the head. Is it not etruscan, for sure?

  3. About the question of hellenistic kings…what is a tyrant in the III B.C.? Pyrrhus’ father in law was Ptolemy I, was it not? Should we include Sicily in our account? I am sorry about my ignorance. Just found the questions exciting.

  4. Actually, Pyrrhus’ father-in-law was Agathocles, the tyrant of Syracuse. You were right about Sicily!

    I am glad you find the questions exciting! I think Manolis designs them in a way that it is impossible to find the answer :)

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