Ancient History Competition 21

This Spartan princess could be mistaken for a prince because of her affinity for horse breeding and horse riding. And did I mention that she was remarkably rich? Who was she?

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. Kyniska, daughter of Arkhidamos II, perhaps, who became the first woman to win an Olympic wreath (and did so twice with her four-horse chariots). Why is it that Spartan princesses seem to attract such flattering names as this, or Gorgo?

  2. Correct! But why is “female puppy” flattering?

    • I was trying for irony: neither Gorgo nor Kyniska seems to me the kind of name one would really like to have.

  3. But this is not specific to ancient Sparta: a Hollywood actress recently named her son “Audio Science”!!!

    • That’s true enough, and it’s actors and performers generally, rather than just Hollywood ones: the children of several British popular music stars of the last forty years also have, or have had until they changed them, some very unusual, if not (necessarily) unflattering names.

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