Ancient History Competition 33

Manolis has been watching too many movies over the holidays. So, he sent me the following quiz.

Which female Hollywood star has a surname that reminds us of an ancient tyrant?

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. That would be Charlize Theron – and Theron of Acragas.

    *hangs head in shame for never noticing this before*

  2. Celine Dion has made several sound tracks, has a few acting credits, and there is a bio. pic.. Does that count? [Dion of Syracuse]
    There is a producer called Diane Gelon.

    • Hmmmm. I am sure Manolis had Theron in mind when he wrote the question. However, your answer seems to be a serious contender. Yes, Dion of Syracuse was a tyrant. And Celine Dion is an uncontested star. So, I would accept also this answer as correct!

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