Ancient History Competition 10

This is the very first day of fasting in Greece. So, I found Manolis in a good mood. The following quiz is probably one of the easiest he ever came up with.

Aristophanes wrote about him: “…he was a cheat, a braggart, a calumniator, when alive…”
Thucydides wrote about him: “…of all the citizens the most violent…”

Who was he?

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. Cleon:

    Aristophanes, Peace, around lines 650-655

    Thucydides, book 3, section 36

  2. Would you believe that I googled? That got me the Aristophanes. (If Manolis wants to make these things a bit harder, he could take one of the standard translations and then choose different words for the same sense.) Then the index to the Penguin Thucydides gave me not too many places in which to look.

    But I promise that I make my philosophy students put more in their footnotes than “Google, on Tuesday”.

  3. Ahhh Richard you were faster than I. I had just found Cleon as the answer (which is also, tangentially, interesting since over the weekend I was reading a couple of books on Democracy in Athens and he gets mentioned along with some others).

  4. Richard I am trying to make the questions more difficult, but Constantina won’t let me! The next quiz will be considerably harder, trust me. No more easy questions from now on!

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