Ancient History Competition 3

Today I have a surprise for you, a guest bloger. You all know Manolis, you all read his fiery comments and you all experienced his sharp criticism. Today, we decided that he should set up the Ancient History Competition in the form of a riddle. Try to guess the answer!

Her husband was a Byzantine emperor.

Her second husband was a Byzantine emperor.

Her lover was a Byzantine emperor.

Her first son was a Byzantine emperor.

Her second son was a Byzantine emperor.

Her daughter married a saint.

Who was she?

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. Empress Theophano is the answer I think.

    Married to Romanus II, Nikephoros Phokas II, John Tzimiskes I was her lover. her sons were Basil II and COnstantine VIII, and her daughter Anna married a prince in the Rus named Vladimir whose body was made into relics after his death.

    • And we have a winner! Are you a byzantine historian? It was not an easy one!

  2. I am not a historian, no, but because of my intense interest in Roman history from the Republic through the Renaissance, in both Europe and the eastern Mediterranean and Near East, I do a lot of reading. I am rather glad i found your blog!

    • And I am very glad you are part of the historical tribe! I am looking forward to communicating and exchanging ideas with you! Nice to meet you!

  3. *sigh* better. Sorry. If you can delete the other two comments from mparsonsnyc that was me.

    Anyway, I have a blog started now :)

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