Ancient History Competition 18

In 425 Aristophanes makes fun of this man’s love for war. In 405, 9 years after this man’s death, Aristophanes laments his loss and calls him a ‘hero’. He is speechless in Thucydides. Who is he? »

Ancient History Competition 16

As you probably know, these days I am organising the Mediterranean Identities: Formation and Transformation conference in the University of Leicester, which you can also follow in my twitter account. Yesterday, one of our delegates, Norberto, asked me to set a question to the followers of this blog. I think you will find it most interesting! Who was the first Roman Imperator to die in a war against Parthia? »

Ancient History Competition 15

Manolis will not grace us today with a new quiz; so, I decided to ask a Roman question. Which Roman emperor was born in North Africa and died in Britain? »

Ancient History Competition 14

How do you measure intelligence in antiquity? Answer the following quiz. Ancient Athenians were very clever. However, just once, they have been tricked into thinking that a specific Sicilian town was rich. The fact was that the town was very poor. Its inhabitants presented to the Athenians golden cups and bowls, which did not really belong to them. Which town was it? »

Ancient History Competition 12

Manolis is lamenting the easiness of this question. Do not let him down! He was a very good Athenian general. But Thucydides says of him that “he was given to divination a bit too much”. Who was he? »

Ancient History Competition 11

There have been complaints that the previous competition was way too easy! So, here goes a new, improved and difficult quiz He is roasting you alive in a bull made of brass. And you’re thinking (!): ‘I shouldn’t have pissed off this tyrant’. Who is this tyrant? »

Ancient History Competition 10

This is the very first day of fasting in Greece. So, I found Manolis in a good mood. The following quiz is probably one of the easiest he ever came up with. Aristophanes wrote about him: “…he was a cheat, a braggart, a calumniator, when alive…” Thucydides wrote about him: “…of all the citizens the most violent…” Who was he? »

Ancient History Competition 9

Today’s quiz should not be too difficult, as I decided to drop one small hint. Manolis insists that the this level of questions is appropriate for the intelligent people who follow the blog. And I agree! I cannot believe all of the questions, so far, have been answered so succesfully. So… Name a Hellenistic king whose father-in-law was a tyrant. »

Ancient History Competition 8

Manolis thinks that the following quiz is easier! I know, though, that many of you will not share his opinion. Here it goes. A 5th-4th century BC dithyrambic poet and a 4th century BC Athenian general had the same name. What was it? »

Ancient History Competition 7

Manolis thought that the previous competition was way too easy. So, he decided to ask you something a bit more difficult. This is for specialists of the Hellenistic period who also know modern Athens. It is a poem of the Hellenistic period. It is also the name of a modern-day suburb of Athens. Which poem is it? »

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