Ancient History Competition 14

How do you measure intelligence in antiquity? Answer the following quiz.

Ancient Athenians were very clever. However, just once, they have been tricked into thinking that a specific Sicilian town was rich. The fact was that the town was very poor. Its inhabitants presented to the Athenians golden cups and bowls, which did not really belong to them. Which town was it?

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  1. Segesta.

    They wanted Athenian help in their war against Selinous. The Segestans fooled the Athenians into thinking they had enough money to pay for a fleet.

    This silliness, with a bit of help from Alcibiades, and a lot of wishful thinking from the Athenian polis, initiated the disastrous Sicilian Expedition.

  2. Αμάν βρε Ντίνα!!! Βάλε και κάτι δύσκολο ή τουλάχιστον πικάντικο!! Για παράδειγμα, πόσους γάμους έκανε ο Νέρων;;;;

    • It looks like my friend Kleanthis wants some Roman, difficult and ‘spicy’ questions. Do you all agree?

      Furthermore, how many times did Nero get married and to whom? Kleanthis would like to know. However, I find this terribly easy to answer.

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