The Beginning of History

My friends assume that I always wanted to become a historian. Well, I am fairly certain this is not true. I have a vague memory that when I was seven I was infatuated with surgery. At that time, my baby brother was admitted to hospital with hernia. Since then, I was determined to become a baby surgeon. Cutting up little people became the sole purpose of my life. My parents encouraged me to follow this path, hoping that one day I will become a rich and famous doctor. The “doctor” part may have been achieved but the “rich and famous” part is still in its infancy.

The turning point came in my young life when I was nine or ten. At elementary school they distributed our new books. Among them I spotted a shiny white book with an odd looking boat painted on the cover. This was the first year of teaching history and religion at school. Religion was not the one to attract my attention, and so, I turned to ancient history. (The aforementioned boat was a trireme, by the way). Within a week I have already read the book twice. The battles between the valiant Greeks and the wicked Persians became my favourite bed time story. And this is when it all begun.

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. It is true that War is the father or enerything!!

    • I agree with you. Its destructive force includes some of the most creative powers humankind ever released!

  2. Like the interest in dead and crazy people!! Cry Havoc and unlease the Dogs of War!!

    • HAVOC! I am waiting for the dogs. Which war do you have in mind. Would a Third World War suit? And is it possible such a war will occur in the current political climate?

  3. This is a verse from Richard III! A vindictive and dangerous hunchback!! One of my personal heroes as a matter of fact… The Third World War is nothing compared to the personal battles each one of us gives every day! This is indeed a very good topic for discussion up close and personal and in Greek!! Will you come at Cathrin?? You made a bloody Englishman out of me!!!

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