Go Greek for a Week. Classical Ideals as Propaganda.

At last, I managed to watch the Channel 4 program “Go Greek for a Week”. I have followed the discussions about its truthfulness, accuracy, attempts to discriminate against another nation e.t.c. with great interest. In this post, though, I do not intend to focus on the half truths, distortions and derogatory comments. Instead, I would like to bring your attention to the fine classical details that the producers included in the program. Have you noticed the repeated appearances of the Acropolis and Theseion? They filled most of the gaps between the interviews. Have you also noticed that the background of all notable speakers consisted of broken columns? It is evident that the producers attempted to emphasize on the decline of a glorious civilisation and contrast it with modern decadent Greece. On the other hand, the Greek answer called “Go British for a Week” also includes images of the Acropolis. Only, this time, it is fully reconstructed in a digital form. Watch the following video which emphasizes on the glory of modern Greek civilisation and attempts to prove that not a day passed since Pericle’s Golden Era.

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