Ancient History Competition 2

It is time for our next competition. This is an easy one, so I will not give out any clues. What type of building is the one below, when was it built and in which city can you see it?

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. Hadrian’s arch/gate, Athens, 2nd c. c.e.

  2. Excellent answer! How did you know? Have you been there? Have you found it on the internet? Or you are a brilliant archaeologist?

  3. I lived in Athens from 2005-2008, but the Acropolis is clearly visible in the photo, so it was an easy call.

  4. Constantina, your competitions are getting easier every time!

    • Your wish will be my command. Next time I will set up something a lot more difficult. You better get it right!

  5. Try asking historical questions instead of archaeological ones. This way:
    a) you can make the questions more complex
    b) I can participate!

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