Karl Lagerfeld supports Classics

Karl Lagerfeld is not just a fashion designer and famous photographer. He also seems to be a fervent supporter of teaching Greek and Latin in Schools. In a recent interview he claimed that learning ancient languages is imperative, since modern languages and civilisations are based on them.

His artistic tendencies seem to idealise the ancient world. Yesterday in Moschow he revealed the new Pirelli calendar, whose photos combine his passion for natural beauty with Greek and Roman deities. When journalists asked Lagerfeld why he has chosen the specific topic, he answered that he believes in polytheism! He believes in a God for a every occasion, without sin, without hell, without forgiveness. If you wish to take a look at some of the photos, follow this link http://www.protothema.gr/life-style/Hollywood/article/?aid=93462

Economic historian and numismatic consultant

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