Volunteers to teach Latin in London

“In the run-up to the 2012 Games and thereafter, the Mayor wants to give London pupils a chance to meet the Greeks and Romans in school. He is therefore looking for volunteers to: 1. Teach Latin in primary schools, one hour a week for thirty weeks. The Iris Project is administering  this side of things; but you may use Minimus if you prefer. 2. Give one-hour talk(s) to primary and/or secondary schools on a topic: those proposed are the Olympic Games, Latin in English, Famous Greeks an... »

Learn how to study inscriptions!

“Classics Subject Centre Practical Epigraphy Workshop for University Lecturers/Postdoctoral staff 12-14 April 2011 Classics Centre/Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford A Practical Epigraphy Workshop is taking place for those who are interested in developing hands-on skills in working with epigraphic material (Greek and Latin). The workshop is aimed at lecturers in post and postdoctoral status academics in UK HE institutions, whether or not they have previous experience of epigraphy. With... »

Karl Lagerfeld supports Classics

Karl Lagerfeld is not just a fashion designer and famous photographer. He also seems to be a fervent supporter of teaching Greek and Latin in Schools. In a recent interview he claimed that learning ancient languages is imperative, since modern languages and civilisations are based on them. His artistic tendencies seem to idealise the ancient world. Yesterday in Moschow he revealed the new Pirelli calendar, whose photos combine his passion for natural beauty with Greek and Roman deities. When jou... »