Humanities and Social Sciences matter!

If you have not already signed the petition, I urge you to do so NOW! The University cuts we are going through will not make substantial difference to the overall budget, while they may cause chaos to Humanities and Social Sciences. Adam Smith from UCL is collecting signatures, so that we may avoid the worst. Specifically, he says that:

“If you haven’t already, take a look at this site and if you agree with the general
thrust of it, please sign the petition and circulate as widely as
possible. A lot of the problem with defending humanities in universities
is that we don’t all agree about the best arguments to use — whether to
‘play their game’ and make the case on the grounds of our contribution to
the economy, or whether to argue on the basis of the intrinsic social &
cultural value of humanities a la Stefan Collini. This site is trying to
build a coalition bringing together everyone who believes that HE teaching
in humanities should be publicly supported, for whatever reason. Obviously
e-petitions are unlikely in themselves to change policy any more than
chucking fire extinguishers will, but scientists have quite rightly
mobilised effectively behind “Science is Vital” and if humanities and
social scientists don’t make similar efforts I think we’ll be even more
vulnerable than we are already. At the very least it’s hard to see it
doing any harm…”

Economic historian and numismatic consultant

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  1. Humanities and Social Sciences matter if society is to progress. I support this petition.

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