University Cuts

Humanities and Social Sciences matter!

If you have not already signed the petition, I urge you to do so NOW! The University cuts we are going through will not make substantial difference to the overall budget, while they may cause chaos to Humanities and Social Sciences. Adam Smith from UCL is collecting signatures, so that we may avoid the worst. Specifically, he says that: “If you haven’t already, take a look at this site and if you agree with the general thrust of it, please sign ... »

Berlusconi closes down the Italian School of Archaeology at Athens

Some time ago the Italian government announced severe cuts in public costs in attempt to ‘save’ the economy from the disgrace that Greece is going through. It seems that, among other cuts, they decided to sacrifice to the altar of money the Italian Institute of Archaeology at Athens. This School was established in 1909 and celebrated its centenary anniversary only last year. Apart from its celebrated library, it also operates the excavations at Aegialeia, Thuria, Poliochne, Hephesteia, Chloe, Ph... »