Girl dying from the plague in the Peloponnesian War

Girl dying from the plague in the Peloponnesian War

In the beginning of the Peloponnesian war and, specifically, in 430 BC a Plague epidemic crippled the city of Athens. The plague spread in the city during its siege by the Spartans and it killed a quarter of the population. Among them we count the famous statesman, Pericles. Several diseases have been suggested but there is no definitive proof for any of them. And yet, some time ago the skeleton of a little girl has been found that may shed some light on the problem. The archaeologists who found the girl decided to call her ‘Myrtis’. Since the archaeological context indicated that she died from the aforementioned plague, her teeth have been transferred to the Dentist School for further analysis. Scientists confirmed that she died of typhoid fever. Prof. Manolis Papagrigorakis used the rest of her facial bones for the reconstruction of her head. You can see beautiful Myrtis here:

Thermou, M, at To vima

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