New director in the Numismatic Museum

It is almost a year since George Kakavas became the Director of the Numismatic Museum in Athens. Admittedly, when he first took the post, I had my reservations. After all, he is not a numismatist but he has a background in Archaeology and History of Art. Since then I followed closely the changes that took place in the museum. A year later I am happy to say that, despite the economic crisis, some amazing developments are happening! Kakavas proved himself up to the task and pushed forward the participation of the Numismatic Museum in the Google Art Project! Initially only 56 objects were uploaded but they expect to increase this number substantially in the near future. The attempt to open up the presence of Greek numismatics in the internet is not only commendable but it also needs vision, especially in a country in crisis. It is evident that the new director of the Numismatic museum is a visionary man. I am looking forward to the next step that will move numismatics into the realm of social media, hopefully.


Economic historian and numismatic consultant

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