New director in the Numismatic Museum

It is almost a year since George Kakavas became the Director of the Numismatic Museum in Athens. Admittedly, when he first took the post, I had my reservations. After all, he is not a numismatist but he has a background in Archaeology and History of Art. Since then I followed closely the changes that took place in the museum. A year later I am happy to say that, despite the economic crisis, some amazing developments are happening! Kakavas proved himself up to the task and pushed forward the part... »

How to Overcome Internet Procrastination Habits

I have always been prone to procrastination but, since I started blogging, the problem increased ten-fold. So, in an attempt to recover from my addiction, I would like to admit publicly that I have been abusing the use of social media on a daily basis! I find blogging, twittering and checking out my facebook account a source of excitement. I absolutely love reading the blogs of my peers. In fact, I get a kick out of writing down my own comments, while waiting for the well deserved answer. Over t... »