Do not take Archaeology too seriously!

Archaeology provides tangible proof of past actions, civilizations, cultures. It is an essential tool for the writing of ancient history. And yet, its results can be abused, falsified or distorted. In the hands of an archaeologist the following pictures are nothing more than an amusing hoax. In the hands of others, though, it could turn into an undoubted proof that giants existed in Biblical times, in accordance with the teachings of the Old Testament.

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. I realize it’s palaeo-anthropology and not archaeology, but since you’re on the subject of hoaxes, I’d be interested to know your thoughts, if any, about the greatest (worst?) hoax of them all: Piltdown?

    • Piltdown! This is an entirely new world for me! I have not heard about it until you mentioned it, at which point I paid a visit to (alas!) wikipedia. Fascinating stuff. It makes you wonder how such a hoax would have fared in Information Age. In fact, do twitter and blogging and everything else perpetuate myths or debunk them?

  2. I actually had a family member email me this to ask if it was true. You would think they would be able to figure it out themselves, but hey, I am always here to help guide people back to reality :)

    • Imagine that! Soon there will be books on the subject. I bet they will appear first in religious bookstores and then in bookstores that specialise on Alliens and UFOs!

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