Survey on the future of classicists

The following announcement comes from the Higher Education Centre. It is an attempt to map the professions our students follow. If you do not want to complete the survey, you may want to comment on the subject in this blog. I am sure we can map a lot of interesting professions.

“Classics in the Subject Centre has commissioned a survey of Classics (and Classics-related) graduates from the last 10 years, and current students, in order to compile a report on their employment experience during and after university. The aim of the survey is to collect a range of useful information from Classics graduates, including the fields they work in after university, how the skills they gained in their degrees helped their career prospects, and how much the average Classics graduate earns. The initial survey will be followed up by a number of follow-up interviews which will be included in the final report.

The report will be available to all HE UK institutions with an interest in the employability of Classics graduates and will serve as a useful tool for departments both to encourage new admissions into the subject and to embed employability skills into the curriculum. It will also be a useful point of reference for those Classics students currently engaged in undergraduate study who wish to draw on the experience of their predecessors in planning their future careers.

The survey will run for 6 months and anyone who graduated from a UK HE institution in the last ten years with a degree in a Classics or Classics-related (including Joint Honours) subject is eligible to take part; this includes those undertaking postgraduate study. The survey is also open to current undergraduates in UK HE institutions who are taking a course of study in a Classics or Classics-related (including Joint Honours) subject.

The survey can be found at:

Please pass this survey on to anyone you think would be interested in completing it: Classics in the Subject Centre is very grateful for your help!”

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