Ancient History Competition 45

He served as governor of a sicilian city after the death of its tyrant. And he was the son of a “pig”. Who was he?

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  1. Mikythos, son of Choiros.
    After the death of Anaxilas, Mikythos had for a while the “stewardship” of Rhegion and Zancle (Messana); when the sons of Anaxilas came of age, Mikythos handed to them the government of the two cities (467 BC).

    • In this case, Yanni, you are absolutely correct. If I am not mistaken, the exact translation of Choiros in English is ‘pig’.

  2. There was, of course, also another famous Sicilian governor of porcine connections: C. Verres, famously prosecuted by Cicero, whose name is homonymous with the common Latin noun for a boar.

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