Theater re-opens after 1700 years in Greece

I am not sure if the re-opening of the ancient theatre of Messene is connected to the economic crisis in Greece or not. Either way, it is a fact that cannot be ignored. As part of the Greek Festival the opening night will be the 3rd of August 2013. In the first instance 2500 people will be able to attend, although after its full restoration it will host more than 5000 people. The restorations will continue over the summer with the help of funds from Niarchos foundation and the European Union. Fa... »

New Rock Drawings in Epirus

Today I was browsing for news on my native region in Greece, that is Epirus, when I found out about a new and exciting discovery! The archaeologist and archaeology professor at the University of Ioannina, Andreas Vlachopoulos, announced the existence of 5000 year old rock drawings in Vathi, Astypalaia. He mentioned that the drawings were of 70 cm length. They represent mostly boats with oars, while three of them seem to be carrying fish. According to Vlachopoulos the findings are similar to the ... »

Arrests in Crete

Arrests in Crete

The police in Crete seems to have had some success in retrieving stolen artefacts and arresting the culprits. Specifically, they arrested 8 men in Messara (Herakleion) last Thursday. They found among others a Roman vase, the upper part of a column, twenty coins from the fifth century BC to the Roman period, some weapons from the Second World War and copious quantities of modern drugs! The gang does not seem to very serious in its efforts of amassing ancient treasures. Nevertheless, I include a p... »

Rebranding modern Greek identity

The following video went around the world the past few days. I have seen also several very clever responses that I cannot compete. Parts of the younger Greek generation seem to identify with its ideas, while other parts find it misleading and pretentious. As a historian I would like to state that, unlike Katerina, I do not believe that we have democracy in Greece. The traditional media is controlled by the elite and the government follows the dictates of the IMF and the European union. We have n... »

Stolen small objects from Olympia

This is a list of the vases, figurines and other small objects that were stolen from the Old Museum at Olympia. Here I include a golden Mycenaean ring with the representation of tavrokathapsia. »

Wheels stolen from Olympia

Here you will find photos of the bronze figurines (wheels) stolen from the Old Museum at Olympia. »

Acropolis for rent!

You probably already heard about the Russian magnate who offered to buy the temple of Zeus at Agrigento in Sicily. The Greek government realised this unique opportunity and decided to offer its archaeological sites for rent. First and foremost, the Acropolis will turn into a film studio for no more than 1600 euros per day. The ministry of culture makes available 117 archaeological sites, among which are Knossos, Faistos and Lindos. The person who will rent these places will have the opportunity ... »

Versace for H&M and ancient Greek inspiration

Versace’s collection for H&M sold out in minutes last month. I am not certain, though, if the enthusiastic shoppers are aware that Versace’s inspiration came from ancient Greece. In the following shoppers you can clearly see the effect of classical tradition. Again, I cannot but wonder at this sudden turn towards the ancient Greek civilisation this year. In any case, it is quite a positive one for Greek tourism. »

Archaeologists in Greece are fired

The debt crisis is wreaking havoc in the Archaeological Service in Greece, According to reports, a large number of senior archaeologists will be forced to retire this year. The consequences will be dire for many ongoing projects. On the whole 95 archaeologists are being removed, thus reducing the total number to 890. This action happened on top of the cancellation of all six-month contracts of junior archaeologists. Among them is Lilian Acheilara, the director of the Sixteenth Ephorate of Classi... »

Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey

On Tuesday night I glued myself on tv and watched with great interest Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey. I have to admit that I have rarely seen on British TV (not least on ITV) a better travelling guide than this program. The producers obviously thought long and hard about the Greek regions they were going to include and how they were going to present them to the wider public. It may not have been intellectually stimulated but it included details that I have not heard of before. For example, ... »

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