Ancient History Competition

Ancient History Competition 45

He served as governor of a sicilian city after the death of its tyrant. And he was the son of a “pig”. Who was he? »

Ancient History Competition 44

What is the connection between Tiberius Gracchus and the uprising of Aristonikos? »

History Competition 43

Which ancient kingdom had rulers with names like a) a speaker in Thucydides b) an ancient dramatist c) a platonic work? »

Ancient History Competition 42

Which byzantine emperor tried to show to his subjects the value of good economic management by giving his wife a crown that was bought with the money from selling the eggs from this emperor’s farm? »

Ancient History Competition 41

What did Periander, Nero, and Herodes Atticus have in common? »

Ancient History Competition 40

America was discovered by Colombus and previously visited by the Vikings. But which ancient philosopher told to an ancient king “you cannot really become a king… not even if you cross the ocean and conquer a continent as big as Asia”? »

Ancient History Competition 39

Philippi, Alexandria, Laodicea. All of these cities were named after prominent Macedonians. Do you know a city that was named after a much earlier Athenian? »

Ancient History Competition 38

As if marrying her brother was not bad enough, this queen also married her other brother later! Who was she? »

Ancient History Competition 37

Those of you who are familiar with Byzantine history know the Sicilian Vespers of 1282. Do you remember any other Vespers from antiquity? »

Ancient History Competition 36

Which Roman emperor named a certain island “the town of inactivity”? »

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