Ancient History Competition

Ancient History Competition 25

Manolis run out of ancient Greek ideas and he just send me a quiz about the Eastern Roman empire. Which Roman (or Byzantine, if you prefer) emperor earned his nickname by soiling the fount during his christening? »

Ancient History Competition 23

Many would think that it was inappropriate for Spartans to use tricks in war, but he said that “where the lion’s skin is not enough, the fox’s skin must be added”. Who was he? »

Ancient History Competition 22

Which Roman emperor was transformed into a … pumpkin, after he died? »

Ancient History Competition 21

This Spartan princess could be mistaken for a prince because of her affinity for horse breeding and horse riding. And did I mention that she was remarkably rich? Who was she? »

Ancient History Competition 20

He fled his city, but also helped it decisevely 11 years later. He lost a major naval battle, but won another major naval battle 11 years later. His son became a famous general. Who is he? »

Ancient History Competition 17

Manolis is rested and back on track after a wonderful, sunny Easter in Greece. So, he sent me this new and exciting quiz. He invaded a town in time of truce, surrounded the theater in which an assembly was taking place, shot everybody down, then killed all adult males and sold the women and children as slaves in order to get money for his mercenary army. An ancient historian says of him: “He was a cruel and unjust robber”. Who was he? »

Ancient History Competition 13

Manolis is inspired by the economic crisis today! In 2001, when we last used drachmas, 1000 of them was a very small amount, about 3 euros. But in antiquity when this man was fined 1000 drachmas for reminding the Athenians of their own misfortunes, it WAS a big deal. Who was he? »

Ancient History Competition 12

Manolis is lamenting the easiness of this question. Do not let him down! He was a very good Athenian general. But Thucydides says of him that “he was given to divination a bit too much”. Who was he? »

Ancient History Competition 11

There have been complaints that the previous competition was way too easy! So, here goes a new, improved and difficult quiz He is roasting you alive in a bull made of brass. And you’re thinking (!): ‘I shouldn’t have pissed off this tyrant’. Who is this tyrant? »

Ancient History Competition 10

This is the very first day of fasting in Greece. So, I found Manolis in a good mood. The following quiz is probably one of the easiest he ever came up with. Aristophanes wrote about him: “…he was a cheat, a braggart, a calumniator, when alive…” Thucydides wrote about him: “…of all the citizens the most violent…” Who was he? »

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