Ancient History Competition 22

Which Roman emperor was transformed into a … pumpkin, after he died?

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. Claudius

  2. Claudius, according to the Apocolocyntosis attributed to Seneca.

  3. You are absolutely right. Instead of having his apotheosis (becoming a God or divine), he enjoyed his afterlife as a pumpkin!

  4. Now that’s odd – Robert’s answer is timed over 30 minutes before mine, but wasn’t there when I answered! Anyhow, just wanted to add that the work and attribution are also mentioned at Cassius Dio, Roman History 60.35.

  5. Yes, I thought that was odd when I was told there was another post and yours was there but mine wasn’t.

  6. This happened because Robert was not subscribed. So, I had to moderate his comment before it appeared online. It looks like it took me a bit of time before I noticed it :)

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