Ancient History Competition 30

Manolis decided not to go on holidays. Instead, he is toiling over the Ancient History Competition.

In 797 AD Byzantine emperor Constantine the 6th was blinded at the instigation of his own mother, empress Irene. She was probably just following the example of this 4th century BC queen: she and her son-in-law were responsible for the murder of her son AND she also plotted to klll her husband. Who was she?

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  1. This must be Eurydice I of Macedon.
    Her son Alexander II was murdered by his brother-in-law, Ptoleny of Aloros; Eurydice reportedly took part in this plot. It is also supposed that she had conspired against her husband Amyntas III.
    She was the mother of Philip II of Macedon.

  2. Just a typo correction: Of course it’s Ptolemy — Ptolemaios Alorites.

  3. Perfect answer! And an excellent comparative point by Manolis!

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