Quotation of the Week 24

Today on BBC Radio Tom Butler, the Bishop of Southwark, conjugated the verb “I am principled”:
I am principled
You are stubborn
They are bigoted

I think that the above has immense historical value, especially if you are studying the History of Ideas.

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  1. Such “irregular verbs” were a running joke in the BBC political comedy Yes Minister. One example:
    I give informal briefings,
    You leak,
    He’s been charged under the Official Secrets Act.

  2. That’s hilarious!

    There’s also an episode in Yes Minister where Bernard gives a wonderful explanation of Trojan horses not being Trojan but Greek – and delves into Greek conjugations (and Latin). Sir Humphrey’s face in that scene is wicked funny.

    • That one is towards the end of this clip:

  3. Only problem is that it isn’t a verb. Maybe the bishop should check his grammar…

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