ancient history quiz

Ancient History Competition 30

Manolis decided not to go on holidays. Instead, he is toiling over the Ancient History Competition. In 797 AD Byzantine emperor Constantine the 6th was blinded at the instigation of his own mother, empress Irene. She was probably just following the example of this 4th century BC queen: she and her son-in-law were responsible for the murder of her son AND she also plotted to klll her husband. Who was she? »

Ancient History Competition 29

In one of Eurpides’ tragedies, Agamemnon says: “We are the slaves of the masses” Which 5th-century Athenian politician is reported to have used this line when he talked about himself? »

Ancient History Competition 28

Which Roman author describes in detail the sexual encounter of Aphrodite’s statue with a homosexual man? »

Ancient History Competition 27

Manolis is back! “I prefer ruling the people who have gold instead of owning it myself”. This is the answer this frugal consul gave to the foreign ambassadors who tried to bribe him. Who was he? »

Ancient History Competition 26

Since Manolis forgot all about me, I decided to set up another question. This is for dedicated specialists to the subject. In the Hellenistic period, what would the civic authorities do in order to consol the families who were in mourning, because of the loss of a family member? I know at least two researchers who would know the answer, Riet van Bremen and Charlotte Roueche (hint!). »

Ancient History Competition 25

Manolis run out of ancient Greek ideas and he just send me a quiz about the Eastern Roman empire. Which Roman (or Byzantine, if you prefer) emperor earned his nickname by soiling the fount during his christening? »

Ancient History Competition 22

Which Roman emperor was transformed into a … pumpkin, after he died? »

Ancient History Competition 17

Manolis is rested and back on track after a wonderful, sunny Easter in Greece. So, he sent me this new and exciting quiz. He invaded a town in time of truce, surrounded the theater in which an assembly was taking place, shot everybody down, then killed all adult males and sold the women and children as slaves in order to get money for his mercenary army. An ancient historian says of him: “He was a cruel and unjust robber”. Who was he? »