Direct Democracy in Athens, ancient and modern

Last night I was checking my twitter account, when the most amazing message appeared on screen. “50.000 Greeks obstructed the exits of the Greek parliament at Syntagma square and did not allow the members of the parliament to leave the building”. Similar messages continued throughout the night. Eager to find out more details on the subject I turned on the Greek tv. The silence of the traditional media was deafening. Not a single channel reported the news. In the meantime, twitter liv... »

Academia.edu : Another Review

When I am wrong, I do not hesitate to admit it. And this is the case with my views on the excellent site of Academia.edu . A few months ago I wrote a not so positive article on its operation. I was in Greece back then and the speed of the connection with the site was so low that I have not even managed to inspect its innermost pages. When I complained about it, some researchers answered that they never used it anyway and that they only checked out PHD Comics. At about the same time, the Academia... »

Ancient History Group in Ning

Most of you will be wondering what Ning is. To my opinion, this is one of the best social networking platforms that could serve effectively the needs of our clan. I found out about it from a small but interesting book called ‘Tribes’, written by Seth Godin, a social media guru. My initial reaction was one of scepticism at the content and dismay at the style of writing. Despite the volume’s shortcomings, I was intrigued by the information it included on Ning. So, I set out for a new online advent... »