Teaching Ancient Coins: Identifying the Problems

Back in the old days, in order to master the discipline, the students had to have a strong background in a) Classical Archaeology, specifically Greco-roman sculpture and architecture, b) Basic knowledge of statistical analysis, c) Theory of Economic History and d) Political Theory. As far as I know, none of our British students have such a background. This is not a typically British characteristic. In fact, our colleagues in Frankfurt, where the subject is taught regularly, informed me that thes... »

Solidarity to Egyptian Students

Today I received the following distressing announcement. “Abuses by state and university authorities against academic freedom are not uncommon in Egyptian universities. Both students and professors suffer them. Activists among Egyptian students are routinely subjected to various repressive measures aimed at deterring students from participating in any political activity. In fact students are discouraged from organizing any autonomous activity whatsoever. This year because Egypt is shortly ... »

Christmas and Loneliness for PhD Students: Curse or Blessing?

Writing a PhD is a lonely process! Most of us dedicated scholars have been through the endless nights in front of the computer screen, we declined offers for a pint in the local pub or a cup of coffee in the corner cafĂ©, and we missed the wedding of our best friend because we happened to be abroad on a conference. How much more antisocial could we be? Despite the lonely nature of the PhD, valiant departments are determined to create a social environment for the almost forgotten students. They or... »