Clash of the Titans

If you enjoyed the movie, you can now attend the conference. In fact, you can attend it even if you thought that the movie was not up to the usual Hollywood standards! There is no doubt on my mind that the papers will be far more interesting and thought provoking. Read the details here: “In the week of its official DVD release, the Classics Department at the University of Leeds is pleased to ‘Release the Kraken’ with a half-day colloquium on Leterrier’s Clash of the Titan... »

Epigraphy made easy

How many of you have been frustrated, when you attempted to find all the possible references to a specific Greek inscription. Well, in my cases, I have been constantly frustrated and, at some point, I almost gave up on Epigraphy. It looks like, though, the Germans suddenly appeared to save us. They created a database that relates the material from the Inscriptiones Graecae catalogues to the material from the Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum. So, if you enter the number of the inscription as you... »

Mediterranean Identities Conference Report

Two weeks ago, from the 26th to the 28th March, the International Conference „Mediterranean Identities: Formation and Transformation” took place in Leicester. This was part of the successful and long standing collaboration between the Department of Classics at the University of Nottingham and the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester. The participants, who came from around the globe and represented all five continents, had only one aim in mind: To discuss Ident... »

Series of Ancient World documentaries on More 4

Starting on Weds 24th at 9pm on More 4 they show a seven week season of Ancient World films. The series starts with a new documentary about the neglected culture of Alexandria. As part of the documentary they explore the life of the pagan philosopher Hypatia, who met a terrible end when she was lynched for her beliefs in the city. All in all this is sixteen hours of in-depth analysis of antiquity, with new material from the redeveloped Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. »

Ancient History Group in Ning

Most of you will be wondering what Ning is. To my opinion, this is one of the best social networking platforms that could serve effectively the needs of our clan. I found out about it from a small but interesting book called ‘Tribes’, written by Seth Godin, a social media guru. My initial reaction was one of scepticism at the content and dismay at the style of writing. Despite the volume’s shortcomings, I was intrigued by the information it included on Ning. So, I set out for a new online advent... »

Diolkos: Passage of Shame

Before I even start writing today’s post, I should state that I am NOT a crypto-activist. My love for the ancient world, though, prompts me to bring to your attention some monuments, which are in need of protection. One of these is the ancient Diolkos, the pathway (6-8 km) from the Saronicos to the Corinthian Gulf, which allowed boats to be transported overland. It facilitated the transportation of goods and people, whether these were destined for commerce or for military campaigns. It remained ... »

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