Inscriptions from Argos

Usually I do not pay any attention on seminar lectures but this one is exceptional. I suspect that the inscriptions will give us an insight on the Finances of temples during the fourth century and the early Hellenistic period. I can assure you that this is a unique group of inscriptiions that merits our full attention. The fact that John Davies is a respondent highlights their significance. If anyone listens to what Kritzas has to say,I would like to hear more about it. Dept. of Classics and Anc... »

Gnomon bibliographical database now online

“The Gnomon Bibliographic Database is a database which now covers almost half a million publications in the fields of Ancient History, Archaeology and Philology, including a thesaurus and search engine that allows users to browse and search the database by name of author, year of publication, title etc. The database is now also available in an English version (including a comprehensive English thesaurus ( in order to reach more scholars and students o... »

Podcasts and videos on ancient medicine

I would strongly recommend listening to the following podcasts and videos, if you have even a distant interest in ancient medicine. Helen King, professor in ancient history, talks about her work. Recent podcasts: On ancient medicine, and ‘Gladiator’, April 2012: (NB the full content is not available if accessed on an iPad) On Agnodike the ‘flashing midwife’, Ma... »

A new journal on ancient history?

“De Gruyter and the Association of Ancient Historians are exploring the idea of starting a new journal uniquely devoted to the study of ancient history. The journal would aim to provide a forum for scholarship covering all aspects of ancient history and culture from the Archaic Period to Late Antiquity (roughly the ninth century BCE through the sixth century CE). The journal would publish peer-reviewed articles concerning the history and historiography (ancient and modern) of the ancient M... »

The Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit

“The Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit, named in honor of a long-time member and generous benefactor of the American Philological Association, is the only honor for scholarly achievement given by the Association. Click here for a list of previous recipients. It is presented at the Annual Meeting for an outstanding contribution to classical scholarship published by a member of the Association during the three years before the current calendar year, i.e., in this case, 2009, 2010, and 2011. ... »

Papers on Coins and the Balkan Armies

Last September I visited Rumania and participated in a conference on The Book. Our panel presented papers on the Balkan armies and coins, most of them in relation to Rumania. If you wantto watch any of the papers, just follow the links below. I wish every conference provided the facilities for short videos just as those. I am also a big fun of online conferences, since they allow the participation of hundreds of people… potentially. Oleg Alexandrov http://simpozion2011.bibliotecametropolit... »

Learn numismatics in Athens

“THE BRITISH SCHOOL AT ATHENS POSTGRADUATE TRAINING COURSE IN GREEK NUMISMATICS A. G. Leventis Foundation Student Bursaries The BSA is pleased to announce a number of A. G. Leventis bursaries (of up to full fees) to allow students to attend the two-week postgraduate course in Greek Numismatics 20th May – 3rd June 2012. The deadline for course applications is January 31st. Coins are an essential source of primary evidence for all students of the ancient world – historians, archaeologi... »

Preservation program in Athens

“I would like to inform you about a program in Athens, Greece, this coming January. This 12 day visit of Athens will be a thoughtful exploration of the preservation and conservation issues facing the city. The program involves a series of lectures and tours lead by Athenian architects, historians, conservators and planners who have been dealing with the problem of preserving monuments and cultural heritage in the midst of a growing modern city. Subjects covered will include: history and ev... »

Breaking News: Geza Alfoldi died on the Acropolis

Geza Alfoldi, professor at the University of Heidelberg, died on the Acropolis, probably from heart attack. He was in Greece in order to receive an honorary doctorate from Ionion University. It looks like Death took him before the honour was bestowed upon him. I was very sorry to hear the news but I cannot think of a more glorious death for such a diligent scholar of the Greek and Roman world. »

Live in Rome for free!

“Residential Awards for Research in the Archaeology, History, Art History, Society and Culture of Italy from Prehistory to the Modern Period 2012–13 The British School at Rome is a leading humanities research institute with outstanding facilities and an international reputation for research and interdisciplinarity in Italy and across the Commonwealth. Our highly competitive and prestigious awards have provided many leading scholars with a critical base for their subsequent careers. Applica... »

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