Papers on Coins and the Balkan Armies

Last September I visited Rumania and participated in a conference on The Book. Our panel presented papers on the Balkan armies and coins, most of them in relation to Rumania. If you wantto watch any of the papers, just follow the links below. I wish every conference provided the facilities for short videos just as those. I am also a big fun of online conferences, since they allow the participation of hundreds of people… potentially.

Oleg Alexandrov

Peter Delev

Danijel Dzinno

Elpida Kosmidou – The early Macedonian army: military technology and army structure, with particular reference to the army of Alexander I

Constantina Katsari – Coins and the Roman army in Dacia

Katherine Low – Tacitus and Thrace: Balkan auxiliaries from an historian’s perspective

Maria Gabriella Parissaki – Thrace under Roman sway (146 B.C. – 46 A.D.) Between Warfare and Diplomacy

Alienor Rufin Solas

Nicholas Sekunda

Ivo Topalilov

Alexandros Reginald Tzamalis

Marija Stankovska-Tzamalis

Liliana Simeonova – The Statuary-Art-Gathering Policy of the Early Byzantine Emperors, 4th –5th c. AD

Economic historian and numismatic consultant