Stolen coins from Tubingen!

Ursula Kampmann has announced that 44 greco-roman coins have been stolen from the University of Tubingen on 24/1//2010. The announcement has been posted in Coins Weekly News, where you may be able to find the relevant photos. I include here part of the announcement for your information.

“On November 24, 2010 the staff of the archaeological seminary / Tübingen had to inform the police that 44 ancient coins – mainly gold – had been stolen.
Fortunately photos of most of the coins do exist. Hence, there is a good chance, that Tübingen will get back their coins. Since every ancient coin is unique, it can be identified based on a photo. Now, Tübingen needs hosts of volunteers, who are browsing the Internet in search of these pieces.
So when you are looking through any e-auction please think of this list of stolen coins. When you spot something, which might look similar, check it with the list. Inform all of your collector friends. When we all take care, these coins will come back to Tübingen – sooner or later.”

Economic historian and numismatic consultant

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