A new journal on ancient history?

“De Gruyter and the Association of Ancient Historians are exploring the idea of starting a new journal uniquely devoted to the study of ancient history. The journal would aim to provide a forum for scholarship covering all aspects of ancient history and culture from the Archaic Period to Late Antiquity (roughly the ninth century BCE through the sixth century CE). The journal would publish peer-reviewed articles concerning the history and historiography (ancient and modern) of the ancient Mediterranean world and of neighboring civilizations in their relations with it. The journal will be explicitly open to submissions in disciplines closely related to ancient history, including epigraphy, numismatics, religion and law. It is also envisioned that the journal will contain a review essay section for long comparative reviews of recent publications on a certain topic as well as feature official communications of the Association of Ancient Historians.

The inception and success of a new AAH-affiliated ancient history journal will depend on your approval and support of the idea as members and as potential authors and subscribers. We would therefore like to put the following four questions to you and would greatly appreciate your feedback:

1. Do you support the idea of a new ancient history journal affiliated to the AAH?
2. Would you be willing to submit your work to the journal?
3. Would you, as a member, be willing to pay $25 for an annual subscription to the journal? [N.B., this will NOT be part of the AAH dues, but a voluntary subscription] 4. Would you recommend your academic institution to subscribe to the new journal?

Please reply by emailing your response to jah@degruyter.com.

Additional comments are welcome.”

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  1. yes to all questions.

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