Stolen coins from Tubingen!

Ursula Kampmann has announced that 44 greco-roman coins have been stolen from the University of Tubingen on 24/1//2010. The announcement has been posted in Coins Weekly News, where you may be able to find the relevant photos. I include here part of the announcement for your information. “On November 24, 2010 the staff of the archaeological seminary / Tübingen had to inform the police that 44 ancient coins – mainly gold – had been stolen. Fortunately photos of most of the coins ... »

The Collapse of a Roman Building in Pompei

Newagencies all over the world testified to the collapse of a Roman building within the complex of the Schola Armaturarum Juventus Pompeiani in the renowned city of Pompeii. The building may have survived earthquakes, volcano eruptions, wars, the Camora and almost 2.500.000 tourists a year but it has not survived the recent abundant rains! At least, this is what the Italian Minister of Culture, Sandro Bondi, claimed. It is obvious to me that the rains had nothing to do with the incompetence of t... »

Digging for Britain

I have received the following email from Gemma Hagen in the BBC that may be of interest to some of you. Please, ignore the exaggerated tone of triumph. It may be a great opportunity for a young archaeologist to advertise his/ her project. “Great news! We will be making series two of Digging for Britain. We hope to start filming in early 2011. I’m delighted to say that the whole of Digging for Britain has been a success and rated really well with our audience. The final viewing figures for ... »

Seeking new Director for Amorium Excavation

It is true! Chris Lightfoot, the Director of the Excavation in Amorium, Turkey, is determined to retire. He has already served dutifully in the post for the past 15 years but now it is time that he moves on. Before he goes he will complete the publications of the latest volumes 3 and 4. Needless to say that volume 4 will be the publication of coin finds and I have been involved in this project, since before the turn of the century! It is anticipated that the New Director will be able to start wo... »

Italians Legalise Illegal Antiquities

A few days ago I received a desperate message from a friend who also happens to be an Italian Archaeologist working in Greece. According to the message, next week the Italian Parliament will approve of a law that will legalise the illegal ownership of antiquities. Effectively, if a pot or statue or coin has been found in the course of an illegal excavation and then sold to the market, the owner of the object will not face any legal consequences. On the other hand, it is obvious that the law will... »

Archaeology Volunteers

I have just received an interesting email about archaeological work in Catania and I would like to share it with you. I hope your Italian is adequate. It looks like an exciting adventure! “I would like to introduce Camping Jonio,a camp site in Catania,Sicily.Catania University is famous for its departments of geology,volcanology,archeology,botany,marine archaeology amongst others.Our campsite,which is open all year round,is ideally placed to provide accomodation for students.We offer a ran... »

Archaeological Skill: A Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a necessary tool for every field archaeologist who respects himself. And yet, so little effort is put into handling it. Common mortals, on the other hand, developed this skill to the highest level possibly. Watch them in the following video and follow their bright example! »

Greek Archaeology in Crisis

For the past few months the Greeks have been the target of many demeaning jokes across the European Union. The near-bankruptcy of Greece caused the indignation of our European ‘Allies’, because of the fear that they will have to pay for my country’s alleged bailout. We have been called many things: disorganized, irresponsible, crooks, swindlers, fraudsters, cheaters. The image they forged for us hurts! My new identity as a fraudster is impossible to swallow or accept without protest. I have been... »

Destroying Greek Heritage: The Temple of Aphrodite in Porto Rafti

How many countries do you know that dedicate themselves to destroying their own heritage? How many countries do you know that, at the same time, profit from their classical tradition? Greece must be one of them. The Greek government and the Greek people are proud for the development of two industries: shipping and tourism. Of these, tourism relies heavily on the existence, upkeep and advertisement of its ancient monuments. The ministry of tourism focuses its campaigns on the “fact” that Greece i... »

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