New Voices in Classical Reception

“The Editor has received requests for a later deadline for submission of articles for the next issue of New Voices in Classical Reception Studies (Issue 6, Spring 2011) and has therefore decided to send a general Final Call for articles. If you are currently working on an article that is nearing completion and would like to submit for consideration by New Voices please note the new Final Call deadline of Friday 7th January 2011. New Voices is a refereed electronic journal. Most of the R... »

Bettany Hughes’ support of Classics

Below is a transcript of Bettany Hughes’ appearance on Woman’s Hour. Womans Hour, BBC Radio 4 November 16, 2010 “Jenni Murray: Now, even in the sixties, when I was at a state school and Latin was for everybody (Greek only for the very bright) there were plenty of mumblings about pupils wasting their time on dead languages when they could be learning French, German, Spanish and perhaps even Russian or Chinese. Well, its not on the National Curriculum and only 17% of state school... »

Classical Receptions Journal

While I am in the mood of reception studies… it may be worth taking a look at the new Oxford University Press Journal called Classical Reception Journal. It has just been published online and can be viewed by clicking on the link: The issue includes a free editorial from Lorna Hardwick. The following paper is freely available: “Hyperion‚Äôs symposium: an erotics of reception”. In addition, for a set fee of 25 American dollars, you can re... »

Ancient Greek in the Park

I have always been in favour of the popularisation of Ancient History and the Classics, since I believe that this is the only way for the discipline to remain alive. In accordance to my belief, I present here the announcement of Greek language sessions taking place outdoors in Oxford during the Spring and the Summer. Specifically, The Iris Project will be starting up a new series of free lessons for adults and families. Ancient Greek in the Park will involve a series of free hour-long weekly ses... »

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