The beginning of chivalry

The beginning of chivalry

“How did chivalry begin? How did society behave before ‘chivalry’ existed? A University of Hull historian has won a prestigious grant from the Leverhulme Trust to explore the origins of noble conduct. David Crouch, Professor of Medieval History in the Department of History at the University will use a prestigious Major Research Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences from the Leverhulme Trust to explore medieval conduct. Chivalry as a concept first appeared around 1200, becoming a... »

New director in the Numismatic Museum

It is almost a year since George Kakavas became the Director of the Numismatic Museum in Athens. Admittedly, when he first took the post, I had my reservations. After all, he is not a numismatist but he has a background in Archaeology and History of Art. Since then I followed closely the changes that took place in the museum. A year later I am happy to say that, despite the economic crisis, some amazing developments are happening! Kakavas proved himself up to the task and pushed forward the part... »

Misurata Hoard

I am bloging from cloudy Rome, where I participated in the Conference on the infamous MIsurata Hoard. The hoard comes from the wider area of Misurata in Libya and consists of around 107.000 low denomination coins. The last coin in the hoard is dated in 333 AD. During the conference we came to the conlcusion that this is a unique, one of its kind hoard. And yet, it can be compared with other finds from northern Africa, Italy, even the Balkans. Most of the papers focused on the circulation of coin... »

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