Do you fancy appearing on tv?

In the modern era of New Media, Television still reigns supreme. Some archaeologists and historians relish the opportunity of being in the spotlight, while the rest dread it. The following announcement will benefit the ones who wish to visit their audience in their own home through the small screen. “We are looking for a person with good knowledge of the Norman invasion of Britain and consequent Norman architecture- castles and fortifications, keeps, cathedrals, monasteries and more. The r... »

Quotation of the Week 6

History… is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind. (Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) »

Greek Archaeology in Crisis

For the past few months the Greeks have been the target of many demeaning jokes across the European Union. The near-bankruptcy of Greece caused the indignation of our European ‘Allies’, because of the fear that they will have to pay for my country’s alleged bailout. We have been called many things: disorganized, irresponsible, crooks, swindlers, fraudsters, cheaters. The image they forged for us hurts! My new identity as a fraudster is impossible to swallow or accept without protest. I have been... »

Ancient History Competition 12

Manolis is lamenting the easiness of this question. Do not let him down! He was a very good Athenian general. But Thucydides says of him that “he was given to divination a bit too much”. Who was he? »

Quotation of the Week 5

“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe” (H.G. Wells, Outline of History, 1920) »

Ancient History Competition 11

There have been complaints that the previous competition was way too easy! So, here goes a new, improved and difficult quiz He is roasting you alive in a bull made of brass. And you’re thinking (!): ‘I shouldn’t have pissed off this tyrant’. Who is this tyrant? »

Ancient History Group in Ning

Most of you will be wondering what Ning is. To my opinion, this is one of the best social networking platforms that could serve effectively the needs of our clan. I found out about it from a small but interesting book called ‘Tribes’, written by Seth Godin, a social media guru. My initial reaction was one of scepticism at the content and dismay at the style of writing. Despite the volume’s shortcomings, I was intrigued by the information it included on Ning. So, I set out for a new online advent... »

Quotation of the Week 4

SWINDON: What will History say? BURGOYNE: History, sir, will tell lies as usual (George Bernard Shaw, The Devil’s Disciple, 1901) »

Ancient History Competition 10

This is the very first day of fasting in Greece. So, I found Manolis in a good mood. The following quiz is probably one of the easiest he ever came up with. Aristophanes wrote about him: “…he was a cheat, a braggart, a calumniator, when alive…” Thucydides wrote about him: “…of all the citizens the most violent…” Who was he? »

Quotation of the Week 3

‘To give an accurate and exhaustive account of the period would need a far less brilliant pen than mine’ Max Beerbohm (Yellow Book 1895) »

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