How to become a happy Academic

The majority of academics in several different countries keep complaining about the quality of their lives. In all fairness, being an academic is not a small feat. The constant demands on our free time (if any of it is left), the ever increasing number of publications we should produce, the intense effort to enhance the cognitive abilities of our students, the regular trips abroad and, last but not least, the low quality of cafeteria food are the main factors for becoming discontented with our j... »

Seven Requirements to get an Academic Job.

Ancient Historians are struggling to get their first post after they finish the PhD. The qualified candidates are too many, while the available jobs are always scant. In a previous article I insisted that the one prerequisite for getting a placement in a university is that the applicant should be a “good fit”. Even if this is essentially true for all cases, we should not forget that the competition is stiff and that the prospective candidates should meet also a set of other requirements. 1)     ... »

Academic Administration. Good or Evil?

Don’t you just love administration? And I do not mean “like”. I mean absolutely loving every minute you spend in front of your computer, downloading forms, filling them up and then sending them off to cyberspace. Did you ever wish you had more administrative tasks to complete? Did you ever look back at your long and arduous day hoping that you had one more report to fill before you went to bed? I know I did. No I am not perverse. I just came up with the perfect solution to a very difficult probl... »