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Ancient History Competition 41

What did Periander, Nero, and Herodes Atticus have in common? »

Ancient History Competition 40

America was discovered by Colombus and previously visited by the Vikings. But which ancient philosopher told to an ancient king “you cannot really become a king… not even if you cross the ocean and conquer a continent as big as Asia”? »

Ancient History Competition 39

Philippi, Alexandria, Laodicea. All of these cities were named after prominent Macedonians. Do you know a city that was named after a much earlier Athenian? »

Ancient History Competition 37

Those of you who are familiar with Byzantine history know the Sicilian Vespers of 1282. Do you remember any other Vespers from antiquity? »

Ancient History Competition 36

Which Roman emperor named a certain island “the town of inactivity”? »

Quotation of the Week 29

“[He] was about to open his lecture, when one of his students rose in his seat and asked a question. It is a practice… which, I need hardly say, we do not encourage; the young man, I believe, was a newcomer in the philosophy class.” Stephen Leacock, Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich, 1914. »

Ancient History Competition 35

Manolis is asking a very demanding question today. Are you ready to sharpen your knowledge? Nowadays philologists and historians are too many in Greece and many of them are unemployed. Perhaps they should pursue a different type of career, as this ancient philologist did. He became the tyrant of an island! Who was he? »

Ancient History Competition 33

Manolis has been watching too many movies over the holidays. So, he sent me the following quiz. Which female Hollywood star has a surname that reminds us of an ancient tyrant? »

Charitable professors: Donating your money to the University

Two weeks ago I read the news about Classics Professor Douglas MacDowell of the University of Glasgow, who donated after his death over 2 million pounds to his department. The Scottish Academic left the money to the university with the provision that they would fund his old position of Professorship in Greek. It seems that because of financial difficulties Glasgow University has not advertised this post after he retired. The chair remained empty and the sustainability of the subject on the whole... »

Ancient History Competition 32

After this ancient battle, one of the terms imposed on the defeated side was somewhat strange: they were required to stop importing salt! Which battle was it? »

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