Baynes meeting

Trends in Ancient History

The Baynes Meeting for Ancient Historians was not entirely negative, as my previous posts may have implied. In fact, it gave me the opportunity to assert the trends Ancient Historians are following. During the meeting we had the opportunity to listen to the work of two excellent scholars, who seem to be in the forefront of current research. Dan Stewart, a competent (and I have to admit terribly diligent) lecturer from my School at the University of Leicester, in his paper “Sikyon, Pausanias and ... »

Annual Baynes Meeting for Ancient Historians: The Great Depression

This weekend I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at Stevenage. You are probably wondering what on earth I was doing in such an unlikely town, as it is devoid of any historical or archaeological interest. And yet, its obscurity means that overworked and underpaid Ancient Historians from across the UK could afford to pay the modest hotel bill for one night (the whole experience cost us around 100 pounds) and hold there the important Annual Baynes Meeting. It is worth mentioning that, despite the l... »