The Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit

“The Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit, named in honor of a long-time member and generous benefactor of the American Philological Association, is the only honor for scholarly achievement given by the Association. Click here for a list of previous recipients. It is presented at the Annual Meeting for an outstanding contribution to classical scholarship published by a member of the Association during the three years before the current calendar year, i.e., in this case, 2009, 2010, and 2011. ... »

The Roman Monetary System

Because of radical changes in my life, it has been almost a month since I posted anything in my blog. My fighting spirit seems to be returning with a vengeance and I am preparing myself for several worthwhile debates. One piece of news that may interest you is the publication of my monograph on The Roman Monetary System. The book has been published by Cambridge University Press in February but I had a chance to look at it only last week. The description at the back of the cover seems to be accur... »

Tips for Undergraduates: How to tackle a reading list

Have you felt the panic rising, when you were handed an exceptionally long reading list? Have you felt the desperation taking over in minutes? If yes, you should read this post. You are not supposed to read every book on the list! I don’t expect you to do so. Most teachers know that this is more or less a wish list. Ideally, we would like our students to read everything but, in practice, we know that this is impossible. Books on the list make a great background reading on the period but usually ... »

Tips for Undergraduates: How to Read a Book

This week I have been contemplating my new administrative role in the department. I will leave behind me the Exchanges coordination for a while and I will get involved, instead, with the coordination of first year and second year undergraduate modules. Effectively, this means that I will also be responsible for guiding new students with their studies. Even if we have a very thick Handbook that explains Everything, I am very well aware that an infinitesimal number of students read all of it. So, ... »

How to Publish your First Academic Book

So, you submitted your PhD successfully and you received the coveted title. You also managed to get a part time teaching job, or a full time job for which you get paid only at a part time rate. Your ex supervisor, your friends, your relatives, your new colleagues, they all have very high expectations of you. They are looking forward to reading your first monograph. On the other hand, you are too aware of the difficulties of satisfying them. It is true that there are too many books out there. Eve... »