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Tips for Undergraduates: How to tackle a reading list

Have you felt the panic rising, when you were handed an exceptionally long reading list? Have you felt the desperation taking over in minutes? If yes, you should read this post. You are not supposed to read every book on the list! I don’t expect you to do so. Most teachers know that this is more or less a wish list. Ideally, we would like our students to read everything but, in practice, we know that this is impossible. Books on the list make a great background reading on the period but usually ... »

Tips for Undergraduates: How to Start Writing an Essay

The beginning of writing is always painful. You may feel uncertain about your ideas, you may feel that you have not studied enough, you may feel that your writing skills are inadequate. All these feelings may or may not be true. At some point, though, you should brush them aside, sit in front of the computer and start writing. The best way to start is by writing your… conclusions. Do not bother with the introduction or the main text. Jump directly into the conclusions. By the time you begin your... »