In defence of the Humanities

Robin Osborne brought to my attention the newly launched petition in defence of the humanities here, accessible via with the hope that many classicists will sign up to this. It looks like a group of academics already took the initiative in the UK to defend the Humanities subjects across our universities. It is a worthy cause and ought to be honoured. If you wish, you can also leave a donation for the website but it is not compulsory. »

How to come up with innovative ideas

When I started writing my PhD, I was afraid that I would never have anything new to say. Back then, it seemed to me that everything had already been studied and all the good ideas were already taken. Petrified at the thought of starting my first chapter, I expressed my fears to my supervisor. He tried to alleviate them by giving me the following advice: “Open a bottle of wine, sit by the fireplace, drink a couple of glasses and relax. The ideas will flow afterwards”. As an obedient student, I fo... »