Volunteers to teach Latin in London

“In the run-up to the 2012 Games and thereafter, the Mayor wants to give London pupils a chance to meet the Greeks and Romans in school. He is therefore looking for volunteers to: 1. Teach Latin in primary schools, one hour a week for thirty weeks. The Iris Project is administering  this side of things; but you may use Minimus if you prefer. 2. Give one-hour talk(s) to primary and/or secondary schools on a topic: those proposed are the Olympic Games, Latin in English, Famous Greeks an... »

London exhibition of Greek artist

“O Lord!” Artist Giorgos Maraziotis’ debut London exhibition opens on 22nd October. 26 year old Greek artist Giorgos Maraziotis will be exhibiting his latest works in London at newly opened lifestyle store Dalliance (41 Cross Street, Islington, N1 2BB). Opening, Friday 22 October at 20.00h Duration of exhibition: 22 October- 7 November 2010 Mon – Fri 9:30am- 6:30pm Saturday 10am- 7pm Sunday 11am- 5pm T: 020 3254 4619 »

Academic Prostitution

I admit I was fascinated by the story of Belle de Jour, the high class call girl, who became famous through her blog, book and TV series. I may not have read the book but I was fanatic about, initially, the blog and, then, the series, in which a sassy Billy Piper lives the high life in vibrant London. Throughout this time I thought that Belle was a fictitious character born by the perverse imagination of a male author. You can guess my surprise and subsequent curiosity when I found out not only ... »